Building for Resiliency: WKMC Building Projects Stand Up to Hurricane Harvey

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As Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas on the night of August 25th, thousands of South Texas residents braced for a record-breaking storm that grew from a tropical depression to a category 4 hurricane in just 56 hours. After hitting land and stalling, Hurricane Harvey made a slow trek back toward the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall for the second time near Cameron, Louisiana on August 30th.

Tricks of the Trade: Building Better Projects with Cost Control

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The procurement of quality building design services and construction has an enormous impact on the outcome of a project, especially in regard to maintaining cost control. Cost control is the cornerstone of any successful building project. How much a project ultimately costs, when it will be complete, and how functional it will be in the long-term are all tied to how effective cost control methods were during the planning and construction phases.

The Future is Now: Why Sustainable Design Begins Today

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Buildings are not designed to be temporary. Owners investing a large sum of money in the design and construction of a building do not want their investment to become obsolete in 10 to 15 years because the resources required to operate it have become limited and prohibitively expensive. That’s why to build now is to build for the future. This … Read More

LEED by Example: Designing a Sustainable Future

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In design and construction, technology and sustainability go hand in hand. Finding ways to reduce energy is more than a design trend; it is the evolution of an industry and changes the way we look at construction. Technology helps architects and project teams work smarter to design sustainable buildings that maximize efficiency. To help foster accountability and excellence in sustainable … Read More

How to ‘Wow’ your target audience

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A well-orchestrated presentation can ignite passion, excitement, project buy-in, a sense of ownership, drive up endowments, and engage other untapped resources. Trying to sell your new project to a board or garner public support can be a challenging undertaking. How to communicate your vision so that your audience understands your concept, and feels comfortable with the path forward, can move … Read More