How to ‘Wow’ your target audience

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A well-orchestrated presentation can ignite passion, excitement, project buy-in, a sense of ownership, drive up endowments, and engage other untapped resources.

Trying to sell your new project to a board or garner public support can be a challenging undertaking. How to communicate your vision so that your audience understands your concept, and feels comfortable with the path forward, can move your project closer to fruition.  Engage your audience with accurate and realistic 3-D images, and you are more than halfway there.  Virtual, and even interactive representations, of your goals, will not only impress your audience but will create excitement and anticipation of the future. Building Information Modeling (BIM) will allow you to champion your cause and strategically share portions of the project to get the best response from your audience. Happy hour and dinner are a great start, but to get full buy-in, donors and supporters need to have a clear picture of what their investment will accomplish.

WKMC Architects, Inc. is committed to maintaining the most current applications for technology in our practice.  BIM allows us to create a virtual building of your actual project where you can take a 3D virtual tour, or create photo-realistic 3D renderings for your next presentation. These video walk-throughs, fly-overs, and electronic images can be used to confidently persuade a potential buyer or donor that their investment will be something to be proud of.  In this digital age, this information can be shared through your website, links in an email campaign, or printed images for brochures. It can be just the right words you have been looking for to bring your project to life.

For 64 years, WKMC Architects has proudly been a part of the Coastal Bend Community. More than an architectural firm, we pride ourselves on the most important aspect of what we do; Building Relationships through excellence in design. Learn more about our Building Information Modeling services.


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