The Jenterra project in Irving, Texas allowed WKMC the opportunity to remodel and upgrade a 1960’s office building into the corporate headquarters for a collection of privately owned businesses.  The project involved enhancing and expanding a seldom-used existing three-story atrium into the four-story “heart” of an expanded facility totaling 45,000 square feet.

The central design concept involved bringing natural light into the core of the building, which also became the main circulation and entry space for all the companies who office there.  The addition of a rooftop monitor allowed light to enter the atrium through the top of the building, turning the interior offices into desirable, naturally illuminated real estate.  Bridges at each end of the atrium allowed the floors to share the new centerpiece of the building and allowed for greater planning flexibility.  Two sculptural helical stairs were inserted into the space at each end to encourage staff to use stairs.  The resulting re-imagined atrium can now be used as a multi-purpose space for company meetings and sales events, as well as the circulation core for the complex.


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