In association with Pfluger Architects

WKMC was the Architect-of-Record in association with another major school design firm for this new high school. This new 1,200-student high school was designed to reflect the culture and issues of the community, and to be a place that addressed specific priorities such as security, flexibility and value.

The layout was organized around an open common corridor, designed to concentrate most student traffic in a single, easily monitored space with no obscured views. This common corridor, with associated restrooms and concessions can be opened separately for community use. Each major program area opens off the common corridor and is contained in its own wing, any of which can be expanded as needs arise. Zoning of the major spaces allows for separation of high noise and activity areas from quiet areas of learning such as the Library with its Distance Learning Center.

The school houses two gymnasiums, a 6,000 SF indoor practice space and athletic support facilities. Arts and Drama spaces include a state-of-the-art 475-seat proscenium theater that serves as a regional University Interscholastic League (ULI) competition venue, a 50’ flyway and scene shop. The Fine Arts wing includes two band halls, choir space, debate and drama classrooms and specialty support spaces. The cafeteria incorporates a modified “food court” café. The campus is located adjacent to the existing stadium.

Site improvements included athletic fields, student/visitor and staff parking lots and a six-acre storm water retention area.


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