New High-Performance Commissary

The project scope of this 62,000 SF commissary consisted of the replacement of an existing 36,806 SF commissary with a new building that conforms to the latest DeCA design standards.  The design responds to the historical and industrial characteristics of the historic Norfolk Naval Shipyard while also incorporating the latest DOD Anti-terrorism Standards.

The new commissary complies with DeCA’s Class IIA Prototype requirements that provide a visually clear and appropriate shopping pattern.  It also incorporates the latest standards of High-Performance and Sustainable Buildings, consistent with Federal mandates for sustainability (EO13423, EPACT2005, EISA 32007).  These mandates are aimed at helping Federal agencies and organizations to reduce the total ownership cost of facilities; improve energy efficiency and water conservation; provide safe, healthy and productive built environments; and, promote sustainable environmental stewardship.  We were able to drive energy usage for this facility to a minimum 30% below baseline.

Architecture, Sustainable Design

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