The energy efficient buildings that comprise the 18,553 SF City of Rockport City Services Building provide a one-stop facility for the public and developers.  The complex was designed to serve a multitude of agencies for at least 30 years and houses the City’s public works, water, wastewater, natural gas, building and development, permits/inspections, code enforcement and environmental services divisions.

The complex is designed to withstand Category 3 hurricanes and can be used as a base for recovery operations.  Showers, toilets and training rooms were sized for temporarily increased occupancy by emergency personnel.  In case of an emergency, the complex can become self-sustaining and house 100 emergency personnel.

The facility has exterior walls constructed with insulated concrete forms (ICF) that are highly energy efficient and also provide protection against hurricane force winds.  The roof is standing seam metal, insulated on the underside with polyurethane foam insulation to improve thermal efficiency and reduce air infiltration.  The site work, constructed under a separate contract, includes storage yards and equipment buildings, a new one-million gallon elevated water tower, and a sanitary sewer lift station.  In addition to designing for energy efficiency particular attention was paid to preserving the natural beauty of the site with its windswept oaks and natural vegetation.  Earth toned colors harmonize with the native coastal vegetation.  Windows are carefully arranged and protected by overhangs to admit natural light deep into the interiors, while providing views from all occupied spaces.  An arcade at the main entrance provides shelter from inclement weather.

Interior finishes feature warm gray polished concrete floors, exposed wood framing, and reclaimed wood cladding for walls in public circulation spaces.

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