When TXDOT determined that the WWII-vintage Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge required both replacement and relocation, it took no efforts to address the abandonment of the major highway right of way and the significant impact to the adjacent neighborhoods and urban districts. WKMC’s Bill McCord stepped in to form a steering committee of local leaders to petition AIA for a R/UDAT team to address what the application called “an unprecedented opportunity to connect our city’s urban core of entertainment, sports, history, and culture.”

McCord and a team from WKMC developed the application, scheduled and facilitated steering committee meetings, and rallied volunteers for the R/UDAT event, which took place from August 14-18, 2014. He arranged the use of space at Del Mar College and promoted the event to the public to gain support. He led site visits to the project area and set up stakeholder interviews, small group meetings, and focus groups. The public workshop collected input and ideas from some 80 residents that were further developed in a three-day design studio with local professionals, planners, and partner organizations.

McCord circulated the final report to decision-makers and led the steering committee in communications with the city’s planning department to influence adoption of most of the recommendations into the comprehensive master plan and area development plans.

WKMC owners and employees donated countless hours of personal and office time as well as financial support to assure the success of this critical work, which is ongoing and will have a lasting impact on the city’s iconic waterfront. Completion of the new bridge is scheduled for 2021.

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