Following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, major oil companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico formed a consortium, Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC), to provide deepwater well containment technology and services. In support of their operations, shore bases were established at Ingleside, Texas and Mobile, Alabama.

The Ingleside base is a tenant at Kiewit Offshore Services, one of the world’s premier fabricators of offshore drilling platforms. Its primary role is to store and maintain modular processing units in a state of high readiness. In the event of a deployment, a set of modules is moved from storage to the deck of a specially fitted oil tanker called a Modular Capture Vessel and mobilized to the incident site. The MCV’s are equipped with well capping and control equipment, as well as all of the necessary processing equipment to capture leaking gas and oil until control is established.

The Mobile Shore Base houses and maintains the major subsea components of the Containment System.

WKMC Architects teamed with Kiewit Building Group to design and build the Ingleside Shore Base facility, which is comprised of a large warehouse to store mission critical parts and supplies, a small office wing for staff that rotate through from the member companies, and a very large yard for storing 2 complete set of MCV modules. While the warehouse was a relatively simple project, creating an infrastructure to keep the modules in readiness was quite a challenge for the D-B team. Two pipe racks were created to provide utility and control services to each set. Extensive 3D modeling of the module structures and their components was provided to coordinate the placement and support of umbilical’s, access structures, and transport frames that would be fully compatible with rapid installation to the MCV top-sides. The Kiewit Offshore yard’s location and extensive heavy lift capacity are key to the ability to rapidly deploy the MCV systems.

WKMC has been designing solutions to challenging building problems throughout Texas and the nation since 1953. Under its second generation of ownership and management, WKMC continues a tradition of superior client service and imaginative design. From initial beginnings in facilities for churches and schools, the firm has expanded its repertoire to include such building types as residential (single and multifamily), corporate offices, banks, laboratories, and retail (including government commissaries).

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