New Home

Situated in the middle of sprawling south Texas coastal plains, this 5,600 SF residence embraces the landscape while simultaneously sheltering the occupants from the harsher aspects of the environment. Thoughtful planning and elevated porches provide protection from hazards that include stinging insects, poisonous snakes, strong seasonal winds, and brutally hot summer sun.

The exterior arrangement of deeply recessed wrap-around porches, outdoor living space, and motel-style guest bedrooms for frequently visiting family members is custom tailored to the owners’ retirement lifestyle. Double pitched roofs and dormers allude to traditional gulf coastal building forms.

The interior design reflects the spirituality and graciousness of the owners by adding soft daylight through dormers reflected from lofty, finished wood ceilings. Native end-grain mesquite flooring relates to the strong sentimental ties of the owners to property that has been family owned for multiple generations.


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