Retailing veteran Harley Hooper fulfilled his lifelong dream of building a specialty shopping center with his menswear store, Harley’s, as the flagship tenant.  The 4,000 SF store is organized as one contiguous space, flexibly divided between clothing and sportswear.

Ceiling light coves and drops combine with a mix of stone and carpet flooring to define sales areas and circulation through the store.  Only the integrally lighted perimeter hanging bins are fixed, all other fixtures can be moved and reorganized to reflect changes in the merchandising mix.

The clothing area centerpiece is the signature shirt wall with integral display niches.  Match-up tables (doubling as floor display cases for accessories) front the shirt wall, along with tables featuring massed collections of neckwear.  Sportswear is organized around a series of tiered fixtures that allow shirts, pants, jeans or sweaters to be presented in organized stacks.

With an eye towards the new store, Harley had collected furniture, antiques, and various fixtures over the years for eventual use in the dream store.  Planning for these items was integral to the design and they play a useful role as actual store fixtures, not just accents.


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