In the Press: “Working Women”

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As published in South Texas Construction News:

“For one architectural firm in Corpus Christi, the percentage of women staffers puts the company in a different bracket than its fellows.

But then, according to two of those women, Connie Rivera and Jennifer Hilliard, the culture at WKMC Architects is conducive to making sure all employees are happy and productive.

‘During my tenure here, one of the things I like is the flexibility for family time,’ Rivers says. ‘I’m also very active in the community. They have not only accommodated that, but encouraged it.’

Rivera has been at the rm for a little more than a year, while Hilliard has been there for 7+ years.

‘The thing I can say is about the rm is not only the flexibility that Connie has experienced, but also belief in the way you work and how you achieve the highest potential,’ Hilliard says. ‘It’s not specific to women. Everybody has the same accommodations. It’s very non-discriminatory.’

Both women agree that the firm encourages all employees to contribute to its success…”

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