Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Hilliard, AIA

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Meet this month’s employee spotlight, Jennifer Hilliard!

“Most have heard the horrific and hilarious stories of undergraduate architecture students working 24/7 on studio projects. Horror? Things can get really ugly after 2-3 days without sleep. Hilarious? Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from going crazy. Since I didn’t drink coffee then, my ‘pick me up’ was a good endorphin run. I could work 3-4 more hours before feeling tired again. This weekend, I will be reliving a little of that college experience during the 200 mile Texas Independence Relay Race from Gonzales, TX to the San Jacinto Monument in Houston. I’ll be running day and night. with a great group of ladies, to reach the finish line. There will be horrors and laughs for certain. Thankfully, I have a pretty good sense of direction and a really bright head lamp! Thinking of the road before me, and the many miles I have traveled, I feel blessed to work in a profession I enjoy so much. I seldom ever feel tired, and I’m thankful for my health to be able to lace up my shoes when I wake up, breathe deep, and just stretch my legs and RUN.”     Jennifer Hilliard

  • Life Hashtags:

    #runforyourlife, #igotthis, #saltandlime

  • Favorite out-of-office activities:

    “Umm… running! But, I run at the office too…”

  • Favorite thing about WKMC:

    “Freedom to express ideas.”


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