People and Partnerships: How WKMC Architects Continue to Build a Brand

Jonathan SwindleWKMC News

If a brand is only as good as its reputation, it is solely because of its relationship with clients. WKMC Architects have worked to foster productive relationship with both industry partners and members of the community. Our role goes well beyond design and building. In bringing a client’s vision to life, we are tasked with finding solutions that increase productivity, add value to communities, and create a healthy and happy space for employees for years to come. Essentially, our business and projects are people-centric, with each detail created to enhance the lives and work of others. As such, our tagline “Designing Solutions. Building Relationships.” reflects our commitment to our clients and the community. Here’s a quick look at how our tagline became the driving force in every successful project.

Designing Solutions

WKMC believes that the most successful building programs are those in which the designers have listened to and understood the building owners and users. WKMC operates from the premise that our clients are our partners in design. They challenge us to interpret and shape their needs, desires and vision into functional, economical, attractive facilities delivered on time and on budget.

From conception to completion, our project teams work in tandem with clients to creative innovative solutions for design challenges. From finding unique natural materials and cutting energy costs when designing sustainable facilities, to designing convenient vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns, we are problem solvers to the highest degree. Our problem solving also goes well beyond paper. From answering crucial questions on-site or in client meetings to taking ideas back to the drawing board in the design process, our job is to tackle any issue or concern, and offer a design solution that is practical and affordable.  

Building Relationships

An integral objective of our practice is to enjoy a substantial amount of repeat work from our patrons. Commissions from repeat clients account for over 80% of WKMC’s annual projects.  Through continuing, long-term relationships we work to become a valued resource. As we gain experience with each client’s unique organization, we are better able to customize services and procedures to best serve them in the long run. As such, our repeat clients enjoy advantages such as lower costs of services, a more rapid response, and reduced demand on the client’s management. Our continued partnerships with clients illustrate how customer satisfaction and our company’s reputation combine to help afford WKMC with the people and partnerships that drive our mission when it comes to serving businesses, educational institutions, and the community.

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