WKMC Mourns the Loss of Founder, Milton Lorenz

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“One of our firm’s founders, Milton Lorenz, and my former partner (McCord and Lorenz), was a remarkable gentleman who was licensed in both engineering and architecture.  I have probably never known anyone as imperturbable.  He was a great role model, not only to his children but also to his friends and associates.

He fundamentally believed, and taught me, that every single person deserves respect, regardless of their station.  Of course, in his engineer’s objective view of the world, everyone was a potential client and any problem ought to have a solution. He was practical that way.

Milton was unquestionably part of the “greatest generation”.  He attracted many great friends that formed a cast of characters for decades of golf outings, road trips, and at least 10 million collective cups of coffee at Luby’s cafeteria. He was a rare treasure and will be sorely missed.”


– Bill McCord, AIA, President
WKMC Architects

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